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Rezidence Liběchov

The new owners breathed new life into the First Republic villa above Liběchov through renovations in the original art deco style. And he wasn't just any before. Czechoslovak finance minister Alois Rašín also went to parties here.

In the 1930s, people really knew how to live. In addition to being able to have a good time, they also wanted to be surrounded by nice modern things and also to live nicely. That's why a lot of attention was paid to the design.

At that time, the prominent Prague businessman Jaroslav Moučka also liked art deco. And he wanted to give this luxury to his wife as well. He therefore decided to build her a summer house in Liběchov. That is, rather above Liběchov. No house stands higher than that.


The house, which was designed by the architect Josef Lauerman, began to be built in 1920 and was completely completed about four years later. During World War II, the villa was occupied by the Wehrmacht. After the war, it was returned to its owner and shortly afterwards in 1948 it was confiscated by the communist regime and served as a training center for the capital city of Prague and subsequently as an educational institution. In 1993, the descendants of the original owner acquired the villa as restitution, from whom the Tunys bought it in 2003.

And just like in the past, everyone can have a good time here. For example, while relaxing in the hotel's wellness center or while eating in a restaurant. The hotel's atmosphere is enhanced by the adjacent forest park and a terraced garden with a water cascade.


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