Vegetable salad with grilled turkey and crispy bacon


Vegetable salad with red beans and honey vinaigrette


Foie gras with buckthorn sauce and orange salad


Tuna tartar with marinated ginger and lime reduction


Roast duck served with cranberry and rucola salad


Smoked sturgeon on a salad of cherry tomatoes




Broth with meat, vegetables and home-made noodles


Borsch with sour cream


Rucola cream soup




Shrimps on garlic bears with sephia pasta,

herb baguette and chili sauce


Trout from Kokorinsko in butter with mashed potatoes

and horseradish tears


Baked salmon with vegetable tagliatelle and tomato sauce


Fillet of sea bream with  mushroom risotto



 Main courses

Roasted duck breast on ragout of black root and carrots


Duck leg with red cabbage with cranberries

and roasted potato dumplings


Chicken supréme on zucchini ragout with artichokes

and cherry tomatoes


Deer leg with rosehip sauce and gingerbread dumplings


Veal ossobuco baked on vegetables and mashed potatoes with cabbage


Slowly stewed beef cheeks on red wine with mashed potatoes


Flap Angus with roasted peppers, pepper sauce

and potato chips


Rib eye steak with bacon potatoes and mushroom sauce

with green salad


Risotto with carrots and grilled vegetables, parmesan


Pappardelle with roasted bacon, mushrooms and cream




Rhubarb cake


Creme brullé


Home made donutwith plums and cottage cheese


A variety of French cheeses





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