Interesting places

Devils heads

Address:  Želízy


A trip for the statues of Václav Levý. Two giant heads of devils carved into sandstone rocks once haunted passers-by. Each is about ten meters high. Someone sees a wizard with a witch, the other presents the aforementioned devils.


Castle Kokořín

Address:  Kokořín


Beside Mělník, an interesting set of rocks, there is a castle that is unique in its own way. Medieval castle from the end of the 14th century with an impressive 38-meter high tower, which forms the mast of an imaginary ship, which the castle silhouette can remind.


Chateaux Mělník

Address:  Mělník

City:  Mělník


The castle is the most significant monument of the town of Melnik. It is decorated with a rich history, and it is famous for its extensive wine cellars. The originally wooden castle from the 9th century was converted into a Romanesque stone, then a Gothic stone castle from the 13th century. In the 16th century, the castle underwent a Renaissance reconstruction. Its early Baroque style, which took place in the 17th century, keeps the castle until today. Since 1949, Lobkowicz have owned the original owners, who have made available a large gallery with works by prominent artists.


Říp Mountain

Address: hora Říp

City:  Rovné


An important landmark in the flat landscape, a significant mountain of our history. Already from a distance, the very well-visible basalt cluster is most closely connected with our forefather to the Czech, who, after ascending to the summit, said the memorable promise of the land of promise. On top of it is the Romanesque rotunda of St. Jiří. From there, the foundation stone for the National Theater was also celebrated in 1868. Říp is considered a symbol of Czech national independence.


Confluence of Vltavy and Labe

Address:  Nad Soutokem, Mělník

City:  Mělník


Vraz's view of the confluence is a popular meeting place. In addition to a nice view of the Vltava river and the Elbe (parallel), there is practically a three-kilometer journey along the yellow tourist sign that leads to a technical monument in the form of historical locks.


Chateaux Veltrusy

Address:  Veltrusy

City:  Veltrusy


Once upon a time, the charming Baroque residence of Chotky, built in the first half of the 18th century. The 3000-hectare Chateau Classicist Park is housed in four pavilions, an artificial cave, a sphinx statue, the Martha, and the Neogothic Red Mill.


Regional museum Mělník

Address: náměstí Míru 54

City: Mělník


Regional museum Mělník is located in the house No. 54 in the Mělník square (náměstí Míru).

It is a former Capuchin monastery, originally a Gothic burgher house, which dates from the second half of the 14th century. The original interior paintings have been preserved in the historic interior and Gothic cellars are located below the building. The museum specializes in the history of pram production in the Czech Republic and viticulture in the Czech Republic.


Castle Houska

Address: Houska 1

Village: Houska


The castle was founded in the decade 1270-1280 by Přemysl Otakar II., Almost in parallel with the nearby Bezděz, even with the same building works. The castle was built on the site of an originally wooden, later stone fortified settlement (late 9th century), which the Duke of Pšovany Slavibor founded for his son Houseek. In 1924 the castle was bought by the president of the Škoda Works, senator Josef Šimonek. After repairs it was used as a summer and representative residence of the family until 1939. Then the castle, thanks to its location in the Sudetenland, until 1945 used by the German army, since 1950 there was placed the archive of the State Library in Klementinum.


Bicycle paths around Liběchov


Kokořínsko - cycling part which occupies a protected landscape area of ​​the same name, which is the closest naturally valuable destination north of Prague. There is a varied relief of sandstone rocks in deep valleys interwoven with volcanic knots, which in the distant past lifted a layer of sandstone above each other and because of its resilience exceed the surrounding landscape and are often lookout points.

Tips for trips are offered from Liběchov along the blue towards Želízy where you can visit the already mentioned "Devil's Heads" and other rock formations like a nine-meter snake, which had an ax in the back. In the local pine forest once vipers liked to heat up, maybe the inspiration was the sculptor Václav Levý. You can continue in the direction of Dolní Zimoř to the Castle Kokorin. You can return via Vysoká from where you have a beautiful view of the valley of fruit orchards over Strážnice, Rymáň back to Liběchov…

The elevation profiles of the trails, kilometers and marked cycling paths make the area around Liběchov an attractive destination for cyclists of all categories!

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